Computer Labs

Residential Computer Labs

Open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

During the academic year, on-campus residents have access to eight Residence Hall Computer Labs, centrally located in all residential areas of campus. The Residence Hall Computer Labs have Windows computer stations, which are networked to the laser printer inside the lab. Staplers, Scissors, and 3-hole punches are among resources available to lab users. All labs have Internet access. There is no charge for residents to use these labs. See the ATUS Printing Fees page for costs associated with printing.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the lab, please leave us a message at 360-650-2946 or email Nick Whitcomb, the ResTek Lab Coordinator at:

For a list of software available in the labs, visit the Lab Software page.

Residents also have access to the Academic Labs.

For information regarding the Student Technology Fee see the FAQ

Residence Hall Lab Room Number Computers Software/Hardware
North Campus
Higginson 294 7 PCs
1 Laptop Station
6 Dual Monitor Stations
Windows 7Black/White Laser Printer
Nash 740 6 PCs
6 Dual Monitor Stations
1 Scanner
Windows 7Black/White Laser PrinterColor Scanner
Mathes 913 6 PCs Windows 7Black/White Laser Printer
Edens North 439 2 PCs Windows 7
Ridgeway Commons 114 14 PCs Windows 7Black/White Laser Printer
South Campus
Fairhaven Commons 107 17 PCs
1 Scanner
Windows 7Black/White Laser PrinterColor Scanner
Buchanan Towers East 114 13 PCs all with
extra VGA cables
for Laptop Display
Windows 7Black/White Laser Printer
Birnam Wood Community Building 101 3 PCs Windows 7Black/White Laser Printer
Icon Legend
Windows 7 Windows 7 Black/White Laser Printer Black/White Laser Printer colorscanner HP Color Scanner