Connecting Windows 7

Windows 7

Wired (Ethernet): Instructions for setting up a wired connection


Connect to the WWUResTek-secure network using the following steps, if you are unable to follow the below steps download and install this certificate and try again.

1. From the Windows 7 desktop, click on the wireless icon in the system tray (in the bottom right hand corner of the screen).

2. Open the network options and one option listed should be “WWUResTek-secure”

3. Select that network and check the box that says “Connect automatically” then select “Connect”

4. This dialog box should appear next, select “Connect” not 
Terminate which is selected by default

5. Enter Your universal ID and Password then select “OK”, you may be prompted with the previous Terminate/Connect box, if so select “Connect” again

Your computer will verify your credentials and connect. This may take a moment.

6. If successful, you should now see that you are connected.