How to Find Server IPs

How to Find Server IP(s) for your Lagging Game

This assumes that you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Note: the fewer applications that are using the network during this process, the easier it will be. It is recommended that you quit Skype, unused Browser Tabs, P2P clients, etc.

  1. Open an Administrator Command Prompt
    • Click Start
    • Search for cmd
    • Right click on cmd and select Run as administrator
    • Accept the warning to continue
  2. Open the Task Manager: CTRL+SHIFT+Esc
  3. Start your game and connect to the laggy server
  4. After connected, Press ALT+TAB one or more times to switch to Windows Task Manager
  5. Look through the list and identify the Image Name which corresponds to your game (in this example: MyGame.exe)
  6. Now switch to the Administrator Command Prompt and type: netstat -bn
  7. You will get a list of all active connections to/from your computer including the laggy server:
    • Example: [MyGame.exe] | | | Established
  8. The laggy server will be the established connection associated with the Image Name you identified above. (Note that the image name appears AFTER the connection entry.)
  9. If there are multiple different Foreign Address entries for your game, chances are good that some of them may correspond to server browsers or authentication servers (such as Steam). A good way to rule out these extra connections is to repeat the process above with a different server and see if any of the same IP addresses show up. Those that do can be ruled out as NOT the laggy server.

In this case, the laggy server would be
Once you know your laggy servers, you can submit them to our priority list.