Chromebook Wireless


Wired (Ethernet) connection: Instructions for setting up a wired connection

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Instructions:

Your chromebook should automatically update itself when restarted. If you are having issues connecting to the wireless, you can manually check for updates.

  1. Click the wifi button in the bottom corner of the screen.
  2. Choose WWUResTek-secure from the list of available wireless networks.
  3. Chromebook wireless networks list

  4. You will see the following form.
  5. Chromebook wireless network details form

  6. Use the following details:

    EAP Method: Peap
    Phase 2 Authentication: Automatic
    Server CA Certificate: Do not check
    Subject Match: Leave blank
    User Certificate: None installed
    Identity: Universal ID
    Password: Universal Login Password
    Anonymous Identity: Leave blank


    Chromebook network details


  8. Click connect.