Cable TV Outages & Upgrade

Sept. 26th Cable TV Upgrade

As of Sept. 26, 2013, Cable TV service in the WWU residence halls has been upgraded to an all-digital channel lineup, allowing for more HD programming.

Please note:

  • The channel lineup is now different than it has been. This lineup will be temporary for 1-2 months, while University Residences engages in a thorough discussion with on-campus student representatives in order to determine the final lineup.
  • Most TVs purchased after 2009 should be compatible with our new all-digital cable service, as they have QAM tuners.
  • All QAM digital-capable TVs will need to “re-initialize” or “scan for” the incoming channels, which may take a few minutes. Students can contact ResTek —,, 360.650.2946 — for assistance with this process.
  • TVs purchased before 2009 are either analog-only or they are digital-capable but do not have the QAM tuner necessary for our new cable service. Students with these TVs will need to purchase a QAM digital-to-analog converter box, available at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or other electronics retailers.

We appreciate your patience during this transition and believe that this upgrade will bring a very nice enhancement to the Cable TV experience in the residence halls.