Connecting Your Android Device to the Wireless Network

Connecting your Android Device to the Wireless Network

Note: If you are unable to connect, try these steps a second time. If the problem still persists, you can submit an askResTek ticket.

    1. Open “Settings” from the menu on your Android device.
    2. Under the “Connections” heading, select “Wi-Fi”
      • Be sure to toggle the switch next to Wi-Fi to enable your device’s Wi-Fi.


    1. A list of available wireless networks will appear below. Select WWUResTek-secure.


    1. A box for the WWUResTek-secure will open. In the “Identity” and “Password” fields, enter your universal ID and password in their respective boxes.
    2. If you have more then one option for “CA certificate” select “Do not validate”.


  1. You should now be able to connect to the WWUResTek-secure network on your Android device!