Application Process

Application Process

ResTek jobs generally open as the current staff graduate, and are advertised the quarter before the position needs to be filled. Positions are first opened to the current ResTek staff. If current staff members do not fill the positions, then the hiring process opens up to the entire WWU student population. All job applicants are generally reviewed during two phases before a position is offered:

Online Application

After the application deadline has passed, applications are reviewed by the selection committee. The selection committee consists of ResTek staff members who currently hold the position, or who work closely with that position. Applications are scored based on skills, experience, completeness of the application, and responses to the additional questions on the application. Applicants who are scored as the most qualified are invited to participate in an interview.


The interview allows the ResTek staff to ask in-depth questions relating to a candidate’s skills and experiences. In addition to job-related skills and experience, the ResTek staff are able to interact with the candidate on a more personal level. Applicants are interviewed by one of the three ResTek full time, permanent staff, and 2-3 members of the ResTek student staff who work in close collaboration with the available position. Depending on the complexity of the position and its duties, the interviews last for approximately 30-90 minutes. After the interviews, the ResTek staff reviews notes from the applications and interviews to make a decision on who will receive an offer of employment.